William Joseph International Academy for Performing Arts, Bangalore, India


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Music as a part of daily existence, as one component - with dance, conversation, storytelling, of positive social interaction, as accessible to all, as a participatory, non-judgmental learning experience - this is why the WILLIAM JOSEPH INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY was born.

To respond to music is to feel its pervading charm.
To understand music is to perceive its underlying unity.
Music is related to human experience and it has expressive content.

Situated at Koromangala, Bangalore, India, the Academy is in the process of setting up an international cultural center for the education and performance of dance, music, & drama in the city. 

The vision of the Academy is to bring out the joys of studying, performing and most of all enjoying the arts.

Professionalism. Foremost is the high level of professionalism and extensive experience of our faculty who are drawn from such distinguished musical institutes both in India and Abroad.