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About the Academy

The William Joseph International Academy for the Performing Arts, established in 2003, is the continuation of the pioneering work of Maestro J. T. William Joseph who, a leader amongst all others, worked ceaselessly life-long for the enrichment, development, greater understanding, and practice of the musical art in both its religious liturgical and secular including popular traditions, embracing the music of both east and west, and concentrating upon its practicalities, and performance, whatever its tradition.

The Earlier Environment

Before our Independence European music of all sorts was well established here; but the Indian traditions including dance, all long neglected were in need of and were only beginning to receive once again the encouragement and study true appreciation expects and demands.

After the sad dividing of our lately unified country, and our Independence, the European traditions quickly lost prominence and, because of this fading interest and commitment, they declined. Performance standards also declined and, because of the lack of a wholly competitive atmosphere, interest further diminished.


The William Joseph International Academy for Performing Arts, situated in Koramangala, Bangalore, India, caters to the education, performance and promotion of dance, music and drama.  

Started over five years ago, the academy has over 400 students, from all walks of life, and in the age groups of 4 years to 71 years. A registered non-profit organization, it offers professional training in various instruments, theatre, and western dance. 

With a One to One concept between teacher and students, the academy has achieved excellence in many disciplines and venues. To list a few:

  • Children’s Choir, which has the rare distinction of being selected from all over the world to record the theme song for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games - a pride for India and Bangalore..
  • Chamber Orchestra, which performed for the elite of Bangalore and premiered the composition ‘EVOCATION’, by one of America’s famous Composers and Conductors, Dr. Larry Alan Smith, on 6th November 2004.
  • The symphony orchestra also gave a performance to commemorate the 250th anniversary of W. A. Mozart. They performed Mozart’s Symphony no. 40 in Gm. Details.
  • "HARBOUR WAVES", a tsunami relief concert which was hosted by the academy on 8th January 2005, featuring world famous Oboe player, Otto Bentnick. Details.
  • Jazz workshop and performance conducted by "Collectif", in association with the Consulate General of Netherlands and Lanco Concerts, on 20th February 2005. The workshop/concert was attended by well known musicians and students in Bangalore City.
  • Kipling’s Jungle Book was performed as a musical by the Academy last year. With a cast of over 40 actors, dancers and live musicians the Academy staged 5 houseful shows. The highlight of the event was a free performance for over 200 underprivileged children from orphanages in Bangalore. Details.